About us

The Pensions Scholarship Trust was set up in 2019 with the purpose of furthering education and research across Europe into the area of pension and retirement income provision, with a particular focus on higher education.  It is the successor to the IPE Pensions Scholarship Fund.  The Trustees believe that the study and research of pensions issues in Europe needs to be encouraged at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level.

The Trust provides financial assistance to those undertaking research or study into pensions and retirement income related matters at European universities or other educational establishments or at research bodies, such as institutes, which may not be attached or related to academic establishments.  (See Grant-Making Policy.)  Preference will be given to research that is of relevance, interest and benefit to pension funds and institutions in Europe. Research or study for commercial purposes is unlikely to be supported other than in special circumstances.

Research supported

The research that is likely to be supported should be both innovative and have a practical application for the European pension and retirement income provision community.  It can relate to any aspect of such provision in the first, second or third pillars.  Research or study can focus on: defined benefit; defined contribution; collective arrangements; hybrid schemes; public sector; private sector; funded; and unfunded arrangements.  In addition, the research or study can relate to corporate, industry-wide, multi-employer, professional, individual or other pension schemes.

The topics of study and research can be as broad-ranging as the issues facing pensions and retirement income provision.  Investment issues, for example, could be the focus of research, as could management or administrative matters or areas such as mortality, inflation protection and longevity. 

Where the Trust provides grants, awards or other funding, it wants to encourage the publication and dissemination of findings from any research and study supported to the European pensions community.  Those supported will be expected to maintain ongoing contact throughout the period of the research and study with a view to the publication of those findings and conclusions which, in the opinion of the Trustees, will be of relevance, benefit and of interest to the European pensions and retirement income provision community.