The Pensions Scholarship Trust was established in 2019 and has four trustees:

  • Alan Rubenstein (former CEO, Pension Protection Fund )
  • Liam Kennedy (Editor of IPE and a Director of IPE International  Publishers
  • Gregg McClymont (Executive Director Public Affairs IFM Investors UK)
  • Fennell Betson (Founding Editor of IPE and a Director of IPE International  Publishers).

The trustees of the IPE Pensions Scholarship Fund transferred the balances in this fund to the new Trust in 2019 when (Note misspelling please amend) its governing trust was dissolved.

Previous grants awarded

The IPE Pensions Scholarship Fund had been active since its launch in 2011 by making grants available. Until 2018, this fund has made grants of over €30,000. The list of those supported is as follows:


The most recent award was of €5,000 to Seda Peksevim, a PhD student at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul; she is also a researcher at Center for Applied Research in Finance (CARF). Her research is on designing a new life-cycle investing model for pension funds in emerging markets.

Turkey: Rethinking auto-enrolment by Seda Peksevim in the November 2018 issue of IPE Magazine


In 2016, a full scholarship of €5,000 was made to Elizabeth Harnett, a PhD candidate at Oxford University. Her research for her thesis is on increasing the understanding of the information and communication channels pension funds find useful and important in translating climate change science in to actionable knowledge.

A grant of €2,000 was made to Ellen Dingemans to assist with her post-doctoral research at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI-KNAW) and the University Medical Center Gronigen (UMCG-RUG).

Read the IPE news article about the 2016 scholarships


In 2015, Wiebeke Eberhardt, a PhD candidate at Maastricht University obtained a full award to cover the costs of a field survey among 7,000 defined contribution(DC) pension plan participants in the Netherlands, plus other costs.

A full grant was made, also in 2015, to Humberto Godínez-Olivares, who as a PhD candidate at The University of Liverpool was undertaking research into Pay-As-You-Go pension systems, with special attention into automatic balancing mechanisms within public pension provision.


In 2013, the fund awarded a full scholarship to Bruno Bonizzi, a PhD student in Economics at the School for Oriental and African Studies, part of London University. His research and focus of his dissertation was to analyse the issue of capital flows to emerging markets from the perspective of pension funds.


The fund made its first award in 2012 to Zorka Simon, a PhD student in finance at Tilburg University in the Netherlands.  Her field of study was the pricing of index-linked bonds relative to nominal government bonds, which gives insight into real interest rates and inflation expectations, both of great importance to the world of pension funds.