Here are the three documents that you need to look at before applying to the Trust:

  • The PST Grant Making Policy, which outlines the purpose of the Trust and how it fulfils its role.
  • The Terms and Conditions applying to grants.
  • The PST Application Form.

To apply for funding, the Trust’s Application Form must be completed fully by the student or researcher and returned to the Trust. Successful candidates will be required to have their application supported/signed off by a member of the relevant academic staff of the university or executive of the institution providing the course or research facilities. All payments will be disbursed normally through the university or research institution grants office or similar such arrangements. Please look at the full Terms & Conditions.

For undergraduates and graduates, in full or part-time education, who seek funding for a research project relevant to the European pensions market, it is a requirement to be enrolled with, or have a place guaranteed at, a European university or business school in 2022. The candidate can be at any stage in their project when making an application

The Application Form needs to be received by the Trust before 31 March for consideration for funding as of 1 July  2023 and before 30 September 2023 for funding as of January 1 2024.

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